Used Forklift Trucks for Sale and Hire

Permatt has a vast range of used forklift trucks to choose from, that cater to all requirements and customer needs. Our expert team will be happy to help you identify the perfect one to suit your business. All of our used forklift trucks will come with a full service history from the previous owners to ensure it is in suitable working condition, and you may receive a warranty too. Permatt guarantees the highest quality and safety standards required of all used trucks. All of our used trucks are available for hire.

Why Buy a Used Forklift Truck?

Used forklift trucks offer many benefits over purchasing a brand new model. Used trucks are not only readily available, avoiding long wait times for new orders, they can be more cost effective too. If you only plan to use your forklift occasionally or for something specific, it could be more worthwhile to purchase a used, perfectly suitable forklift over the expense of a brand new one.

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