Fast Forklift Hire Permatt EP30 Electric Forklift

Testimonial by: Tofco CPP Ltd

Tofco CPP Ltd


Fast Forklift Hire Permatt EP30 Electric Forklift

EP 303 electric fork truck hire

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5 / 5 stars

We at Tofco Ltd decided we wanted to move away from our current gas fork truck as it was aging and starting to become problematic so to improve reliability and reduce our maintenance costs as well as improving our environmental aspect around the warehouse, we decided to explore the option of an electric fork truck.

Dan from Permatt was contacted to visit our factory to see our operation and make a suitable proposal. A few days later we were invited to a demo to test drive the EP 303 electric Fork truck , we were very impressed with the truck and the package offered so the next day we placed an order to hire long-term the EP 303 fork truck.

The fork truck was delivered within a week of the order being placed, we are so pleased with the features and benefits of our new fork truck not mention the noise reduction in the warehouse.

The service from Dan and Permatt was first class I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is looking to either hire or purchase a new fork truck.

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