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Forklift Truck Maintenance

If you find yourself using your Forklift Truck on a very regular basis, then it is vital that you carry out the correct maintenance procedures to ensure that both you and your workforce are safe and that the equipment in use is strictly abiding by industry safety laws.


Permatt Maintenance Contract Cover

Permatt can provide you with contracts that cover your Servicing and Breakdown needs for every type of Forklift Truck machinery. We offer packages of cover on the basis of:


  • Three Months
  • Six Months
  • Annually

Depending on the usage of the Truck itself. Within your Contract Cover, there is also the yearly ‘Thorough Examination’ included, which ensures that you have met the British Safety Law with your equipment.


How The Process Works

It takes little to no time to carry out the servicing and examining of a Forklift piece of equipment. We are able to come and visit your workplace to carry out the inspection on your premises at any time during the working day. If your Forklift does happen to need extra care then we can happily provide a replacement truck for your company use until we get your original up and running once more!


Additional Services By Permatt

In addition to our routine Maintenance service that we provide, we also provide Breakdown calls too. We offer a two-hour response to any Breakdown call that we receive from customers across the North East and Cumbria on a 24-hour basis. We know exactly how important your Forklift Truck is to the daily running of your business and we understand that any problems can cause major delays to your material handling movements.

Not what you’re looking for?

Permatt Forklift Trucks Ltd provide a range of services with the aim of helping your business run smoothly. Above we have details of our main offerings but please call us if your requirement is not listed on 0191 216 5320