As with any machinery, forklift trucks require regular maintenance and care to ensure that they remain in good quality working condition. It is vital for the health and safety of your workforce, as well as your business productivity that you carry out the correct forklift maintenance procedures, especially if your forklifts are in use frequently. Regular forklift maintenance will also make sure that you are abiding with the strict industry safety laws for forklift handling.


If you are responsible for the forklift trucks usage, safety and forklift operational staff you are required to cover all aspects of forklift operations including regular forklift maintenance to comply with the law. Taking steps to maintain your forklift to a high standard should hopefully reduce any problems you may face, but in the event of problems Permatt can help you overcome them.



Permatt can offer you forklift maintenance contract cover as part of your forklift truck package, which includes Servicing and Breakdown cover for every type of truck. Our packages cover three months, six months and annual time frames. We can also provide spare forklift parts if required, to get you back up and running safely and quickly.

What does our Forklift Truck Maintenance Service involve?

Maintenance contracts that cover your Servicing and Breakdown needs for every type of Forklift Truck machinery.

Three month, six month or annual packages depending on your business needs.

Depending on the usage of the truck itself there is the option to have the yearly ‘Thorough Examination’ included in your contract cover.

Inspections on your company premises to avoid disruption to your business, and spare replacement parts provided and fitted if needed.


It takes little to no time to carry out the servicing and examination of a Forklift piece of equipment. We are able to come and visit your workplace to carry out the inspection on your premises at any time during the working day to avoid disruption to your business.

If your Forklift does happen to need extra care or maintenance then depending on what is wrong we can offer a number of solutions. We can supply forklift spares, parts, chains and batteries if needed, and we can usually do this on the day and fit them for you if required. If the problem is bigger and requires more investigation or work, we can happily provide a replacement truck for your company to use until we get your original up and running once more.

In addition to the routine Maintenance service that we provide, we also provide a Breakdown service too. We offer a two-hour response to any Breakdown call that we receive from customers across the North East and Cumbria on a 24-hour basis.

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