Forklift Breakdown Services

In the demanding world of material handling, ensuring the continuous operation of your forklifts is crucial for maintaining productivity and efficiency. At Permatt, we specialise in providing prompt and reliable forklift breakdown services to minimise downtime and keep your operations running smoothly.

truck breakdown diagnostics
forklift breakdown services
fork lift breakdown services
fork lift diagnostic services

Why Choose Permatt for Your Forklift Breakdown Services?

With decades of experience in the forklift industry, Permatt offers unparalleled breakdown services:

  • 24/7 Availability: Our breakdown service is available 24 hours a day, ensuring that you receive support whenever you need it.
  • 2-Hour Response Time: We understand the urgency of forklift repairs. For customers in the North East and Cumbria, we aim to be on-site within 2 hours of your call.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: From quick inspections to the supply of spare parts and even providing replacement hire trucks, we ensure minimal disruption to your business.

Maximise Uptime with Permatt Forklift Breakdown Services

Rapid Response for Every Breakdown

Our breakdown services are designed to address all your forklift repair needs promptly and efficiently. Whether it’s an unexpected breakdown or an urgent repair, Permatt’s rapid response team ensures that your forklift is back in operation with minimal downtime.

Flexible Forklift Maintenance Service Packages

We offer flexible forklift maintenance packages, available in three-month, six-month, or annual intervals. These packages are customised to meet the unique demands of your business, ensuring that your forklifts receive timely and effective breakdown support whenever needed.

On-Site Inspections and Quick Repairs

To minimise disruption to your operations, our expert technicians provide on-site inspections and rapid repairs. Equipped with a comprehensive stock of spare parts, we ensure that most issues can be resolved immediately, allowing your forklift to return to service swiftly.

Comprehensive Breakdown Coverage

Our breakdown services cover all aspects of forklift repair and maintenance. From diagnosing the problem to providing replacement parts and, if necessary, a hire truck, Permatt ensures that your operations continue smoothly despite any forklift issues.

Minimising Downtime with Immediate Support

Our breakdown service prioritises quick and effective recovery, aiming to have a technician on-site within 2 hours for customers in the North East and Cumbria. This prompt response minimises operational disruptions and keeps your material handling processes running efficiently.

What Does Our Breakdown Service Involve?

Rapid Response for Every Forklift Breakdown:

When a forklift breakdown occurs, a prompt response to your call is crucial, no matter the time of day. At Permatt, we guarantee to be on-site within 2 hours for customers in the North East and Cumbria. This rapid response ensures that any forklift breakdown is addressed quickly, minimising the impact on your business operations.

On-Site Inspections and Quick Repairs:

Our expert technicians will conduct a thorough and efficient inspection to identify the issue causing the forklift breakdown and determine the best way to resolve it. With their extensive experience and training, our technicians can quickly diagnose the problem, ensuring that the appropriate measures are taken to get your forklift back in working order.

Genuine Forklift

We supply the necessary spares and parts to get your forklift back up and running as quickly as possible, ensuring minimal downtime. Our well-stocked inventory includes a wide range of parts, allowing us to address most forklift breakdowns on the spot. By having the right parts readily available, we can expedite the repair process and reduce the time your forklift is out of service.

Truck Replacement Hire as Standard:

If the issue requires more time to fix, we provide a replacement hire truck to keep your operations running smoothly without interruption. This ensures that your material handling processes continue without significant disruption, even in the event of a major forklift breakdown. Our replacement hire service is designed to provide seamless support, allowing you to maintain productivity while we repair your equipment.

Fork lift breakdown recovery by Permatt


For customers in the North East and Cumbria, our breakdown service is available 24 hours a day, and we aim to respond within 2 hours.

Our breakdown service is available 24/7. If your forklift breaks down outside of regular business hours, simply call our emergency line at 0191 216 5320, and we will dispatch a technician to assist you.

Yes, we offer flexible forklift maintenance packages, including three-month, six-month, and annual plans. Regular maintenance helps prevent unexpected breakdowns and extends the life of your forklifts.

Forklift Breakdown?

Our breakdown service is available 24 hours a day, ensuring that you receive support whenever you need it.

0191 216 5320

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