How To Repair A Damaged Forklift

How To Repair A Damaged Forklift

Forklift Maintenance

When it comes to forklift repairs it’s essential to know how one works. A forklift is made up of numerous moving parts, and when one part stops functioning correctly it can cause problems in other areas. Forklifts are steady and durable pieces of equipment, however with the heavy nature of their day to day operations it’s important that proper daily checks, along with proper forklift maintenance, are carried out to ensure they are in safe working condition. Broken forklifts that are left unattended can result in increased downtime and costly repairs, as well as serious injury to users.

Why Is It Important To Repair Your Forklift As Soon As Possible?

Damaged forklifts can pose a huge safety risk, meaning that any damage should be repaired immediately. Delaying repairs can make the problems worse, and it’s likely that other issues will arise. Frequent troubleshooting and repairs will help to identify damage early on, enabling you to carry out repairs before they deteriorate further.

By ensuring that all operators are fully trained, with a solid understanding of forklifts and how they work, will help to keep them, and everyone nearby safe. Forklift training will also help to expand the lifespan of forklifts as operators will be able to carry out proper checks and recognise any issues, carrying out repairs correctly where possible. Proper maintenance and forklift repair is essential to maintain working order of a forklift truck

Most Common Types Of Forklift Repairs And How To Fix Them

So, what should you look out for on your forklift? There are a number of ways a forklift can indicate that it’s starting to deteriorate and not perform to its full potential. We’ve pulled together just a few:

Forklift Battery/Motor

One of the most obvious indications of damaged forklift trucks is if the engine doesn’t start! There are a few reasons behind this, it could be that the truck is out of fuel or it might be an electrical problem, but for electric forklift trucks it is likely the battery! You’ll need to check the condition of the battery, and for any corrosion on the terminals and casing. If the battery operates below 80% it needs to be replaced.


One of most common problems that can occur with a forklift is issues with the mast, which is the lifting mechanism. If the mast becomes faulty it may be a sign that the hydraulic system is malfunctioning in which case you’ll need ro repair the leaking cylinder and replace the defective forklift parts like the oil filter and oil seals. If the oil is fine then inspect the forklift chains to see if any sections need to be replaced.

The main signs of the mast being damaged include:

  • Not lifting quick enough
  • Not lifting or lowering properly
  • Jerky (rather than smooth) lifting and lowering


Even though forklifts don’t travel far, the stress and pressure put on the tires will gradually wear them down. Tyres are key to vehicle performance, and if they become flat or damaged it can affect the safety and stability of the forklift. Worn out tyres will need to be replaced to ensure traction and stability. Similarly, suspensions also react in response to the load. These will need to be monitored and replaced as necessary to ensure the forklift is in tip top working condition.


Forklifts aren’t the easiest pieces of machinery to steer, so it’s important that the steering is as smooth as possible at all times. Faulty steering can be caused by low levels of steering fluid transmission, so make sure to check this and top up as necessary. Steering issues can also be the results of worn out gears, in which case you would need to call in professionals!

Forklift Engine

A common cause of forklift failure is the engine overheating. This is a result of the radiator breaking or becoming blocked. Blockage is caused by a buildup of dirt and debris, making it important to ensure that the radiators remain clean. If the issue still persists there may be corrosion in the radiator, in which case it will need to be repaired, or possibly replaced.

Permatt’s Forklift Services

Although some maintenance and repairs can be carried out by trained operatives, most fixes, including technical repairs and part replacements, will need to be carried out by professional technicians.

Basic maintenance is one of the best ways to prevent forklift troubleshooting problems. Permatt offers various services including forklift maintenance, examination, breakdown, training and more.