Different types of Material Handling Solutions

Different types of Material Handling Solutions

At Permatt, we understand that different forms of material handling solutions may be needed to achieve the level of work you are needing. Due to this, we have an array of forklifts on offer to both rent and buy. Why not check below to see what sort of material handling solutions you may need…

What is Material Handling?

To put it simply, material handling is exactly how it sounds! It’s the handling of certain materials. This can be done in various ways but involves the movements, protection, storage and control of materials and products. This is usually applicable in areas such as manufacturing, distribution, consumption and disposal.

Material Handling can be seen as either manual handling or automated handling.


Manual Handling

Manual Handling is a process that sees physical workers transporting and moving goods. Manual handling is good if you’re wanting to move smaller items. The worker will tend to lift, lower, fill, empty and even carry the required products. The main issue with this is that it can lead to physical injuries – mainly to the lower back, shoulders and arms. Over 500,000 of musculoskeletal cases in America every year are confirmed to be due to manual labour intensive jobs. To avoid any sort of injuries the recommended manual lifting weight is only 51lb, which equivalates to only 3.6 stone.


Automated Handling

Automated handling is the preferred way to move your stock from area to area. A lot of the time material handling equipment is only semi-automated, as a human operator is needed to drive the machine, as well as to load and unload the equipment. Although automated handling isn’t as flexible as manual handling, it does provide for a lot heavier lifting and further delivery of goods. Automated handling solutions tend to be pricer in cost, but


Material Handling Solutions

Material Handling Solutions are needed when you require more than just manual labour to transport your materials. There are various material handling solutions, such as forklift trucks, which can help you combat your transportation problems.

Here at Permatt Forklift Trucks, we supply an array of products and brands that will suit all of your needs.


One of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of both access equipment and lift equipment. They are the perfect brand for any material handling solution. Having been designed to safely and quickly allow workers the ability to perform construction and maintenance tasks with a range of products under their belt, that keeps expanding with the times.

JLG offer engine powered boom lifts, vertical lifts, hybrid boom lifts, scissor lifts, stock pickers and even telehandlers, all of which we supply at Permatt!



Cat Lift Trucks are highly advanced and extremely powerful trucks, that will help you with any and all material handling situations.  

Cat Forklifts delivery day after day on their uncompromising quality, durability and diversity.

Whether you’re wanting diesel or gas powered or if you’re wanting something that can hold 1.0 ton or 16.0 ton, here at Permatt Forklift Trucks our range of Cat lift trucks will help you manage your material handling solutions.



Konecranes are the leading providers of heavy duty lifting trucks. They are built to withstand even the harshest of working conditions, as well as being able to lift a range of different lifting capacities – the largest being up to 65 tons.

At Permatt we supply Konecranes lifts such as forklift trucks, reach stackers, container lift trucks and industry sectors.



Combilift is a global manufacturer of multi-directional forklifts, after becoming an increasing need for their clients. Combilift trucks are perfect if you need to load long and bulky loads.

Suited for both indoor and outdoor use, including aisles are narrow as 210cm in width! Take a  look at our range of Combilift options available here at Permatt Forklift Trucks.



Considered a pioneer in the application of heavy-duty electric forklifts, Carer, are exceptional at studying the components used in their products and so are very well knowledged on their supply.  

Carer electric trucks are known for being compact, as well as have larger batteries for longer power. Read more about our Carer trucks and how you can buy or rent one here today.


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Permatt Forklift Trucks we are one of the best material handling companies in the UK! With an extensive range of trucks to suit any and all of your needs, you will be sure to find what you’re looking for. If you’re unsure what you need exactly and would like some advice we would be more than happy to help you.

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