Combi C9000

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  • YearYear: 2019
  • HoursRunning Hours: 56
  • BatteryBattery: 12V
  • EngineEngine: Diesel
  • Lift HeightLift: 4500

0191 216 5320

Why buy a used truck?

  1. Available To Go - Used trucks are readily available pieces of equipment and can be picked up at your convenience, eliminating the lead time on a new truck order.
  2. Service History - Unlike with a new truck, when you purchase a used truck you receive a full service history from the previous owners to ensure it in suitable working condition - you may also receive a warranty too!
  3. Sensible Purchase - If you only plan on using your forklift occasionally, then it may be more beneficial for your business to opt for a used truck, as opposed to a brand new model.

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