Gas Powered Trucks

Gas powered Forklift Trucks, otherwise known as LPG Trucks provide an excellent alternative to both Diesel and Electric powered models when it comes to material handling equipment and machinery. LPG powered Forklifts tend to be much more environmentally friendly as opposed to Diesel trucks, while not compromising on the quality of their performance. We stock a range of Gas powered CAT Lift Trucks here at Permatt, that are easy to operate and tend to be very quiet, which is great for your workplace; and they are also convenient as they do not require any extra recharging time in between tasks, as what an Electric model would. 

Easy to maintain, affordable to run, extremely reliable and very easy to use, a Gas powered Forklift Truck is an investment worth making providing greater productivity and generating profit for any business in need of material handling solutions. Check out our range of Gas Powered Forklift Trucks today: