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What is a Container Spec Mast Forklift?

What is a container spec mast forklift?

Container Mast Forklift: features and Benefits

We are excited to announce that Permatt Fork Lift Trucks Ltd has just received two new CAT 3-ton gas trucks with 4700mm container spec masts and side shift. These machines are now available for both sale and lease, offering a perfect solution for businesses needing efficient material handling solutions. But what exactly is a container spec mast forklift, and why is it so important?

Understanding Container Spec Masts

A container spec mast is a specialised forklift mast designed specifically to operate within the confines of shipping containers, typically 20-foot or 40-foot containers. Unlike standard forklift masts, container spec masts are engineered to fit into the tight spaces of containers, allowing forklifts to enter, manoeuvre, and unload pallets or freight with ease.

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Key Features of a Container Spec Mast Forklift

  1. Low Mast Height: Container spec masts are designed with a lower collapsed height, enabling the forklift to enter containers without obstruction.
  2. High Lift Capacity: Despite their compact design, these masts can lift heavy loads to significant heights once outside the container.
  3. Side Shift Capability: The side shift feature allows for precise load placement within the confined space of a container, enhancing efficiency.
  4. Robust Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of loading and unloading containers, these masts are durable and reliable.


Benefits of Using Container Spec Masts

  • Efficiency: These masts allow for quick and efficient unloading of containers, reducing the time and labour needed for manual unloading.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various types of freight and palletised goods, container spec masts can handle a wide range of loads.
  • Safety: Designed to operate in tight spaces, these masts help prevent damage to goods and the container, while also ensuring operator safety.

CAT 30 gas forklift with container spec mast

New CAT Forklifts with Container Spec Masts

Permatt Fork Lift Trucks Ltd is proud to offer two new CAT 3-ton gas trucks equipped with 4700 container spec masts and side shift. These forklifts are now available for immediate sale or lease, providing an excellent solution for businesses that need to handle containerised freight efficiently.

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