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Behind the scenes with Permatt Fork Lifts at the Riverside Stadium

Middlesbrough FC Permatt Forklift at the Riverside Stadium
Behind the scenes with Permatt Fork Lifts at the Riverside Stadium. Our forklifts are trusted by the best! Check out how we helped SPORTFIVE with their recent project for Middlesbrough FC. #BehindTheScenes #Permatt #MiddlesbroughFC

Permatt Forklifts: Powering Projects at the Riverside Stadium

Permatt Fork Lift Trucks Ltd is proud to have provided our reliable forklift services through SPORTFIVE for Middlesbrough Football Club. Our forklift was essential in their recent project, ensuring efficient and smooth operations at the Riverside Stadium. Our commitment to quality and reliability makes us the preferred choice for high-profile clients.

At Permatt Fork Lift Trucks Ltd, we are dedicated to providing top-notch material handling solutions to businesses across the North East of England and Cumbria. Our commitment to quality and reliability recently earned us the opportunity to support Middlesbrough Football Club through SPORTFIVE with our forklift services at the iconic Riverside Stadium.

Supporting Middlesbrough FC with Reliable Forklift Services

We are proud to have played a crucial role in a recent project at Middlesbrough FC, facilitated by SPORTFIVE, where our forklift was essential in ensuring smooth and efficient operations. The Riverside Stadium, known for its vibrant atmosphere and passionate fans, now also stands as a testament to the reliability of Permatt forklifts.

Our forklift facilitated various tasks, showcasing its versatility and robust performance. From handling heavy equipment to assisting with logistical needs, the Permatt forklift was up to the challenge, demonstrating why high-profile clients trust us with their critical operations.

Why Choose Permatt?

Since our establishment in 1981, Permatt has grown to become one of the largest independent material handling suppliers in the UK. We understand that each customer faces unique challenges, and our team is skilled in providing tailor-made solutions to meet these needs. Our services extend beyond providing equipment; we also offer comprehensive forklift maintenance packages, industry leading forklift training programs, and a rapid response forklift breakdown service to ensure our clients’ operations run smoothly and safely.

Our Commitment to Excellence

At Permatt, we pride ourselves on delivering more than just equipment. Our full-service approach includes thorough safety checks, operational training for staff, and ongoing support throughout the rental period. This commitment to service excellence ensures that our clients can focus on their core operations while we take care of their material handling needs.

Join Our Growing List of Satisfied Clients

From Middlesbrough FC to numerous other businesses across the North East, our clients appreciate the reliability and performance of Permatt forklifts. We invite you to explore our range of forklift services and discover how we can help enhance your operational efficiency with our robust material handling solutions.

For more information about our services or to discuss your specific needs, please contact us today. Trust Permatt Fork Lift Trucks Ltd to deliver the reliability and quality your business deserves.

For further details on our extensive range of forklifts and services, visit our website Permatt Fork Lift Trucks Ltd or call us at 0191 216 5320.


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