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Permatt Delivers Refurbished Gas Forklift to G.B. Roofing Ltd

In a significant step towards modernising their material handling operations, G.B. Roofing Ltd, based in Sandy lane Industrial Estate, have recently upgraded their machinery with a refurbished CAT 2.5 gas forklift truck supplied by Permatt Fork Lift Trucks Ltd. Their decision to replace their aging 2006 model underscores GB Roofing’s commitment to enhancing operational efficiency and safety in their daily operations.

Upgrading to Efficiency: GB Roofing’s New Refurbished Forklift

The recently refurbished forklift, equipped with a container spec 4700mm mast and side shift, is perfectly tailored for the challenging demands of a bustling roofing company. This CAT forklift truck has undergone a thorough restoration to ensure it meets the utmost standards of functionality and safety. Upgrading from an older 2006 model, GB Roofing can now manage materials with greater efficiency and adaptability in both storage and retrieval operations.

Features and Benefits of the Refurbished Forklift from Permatt

Permatt Fork Lift Trucks Ltd takes pride in offering top-quality refurbished forklifts that meet the needs of various industries. This particular model not only boasts a robust design capable of enduring the rigours of heavy use but also features advanced capabilities like a high-reaching mast and side shifting functionality, which facilitate easy and safe movement of goods, particularly in confined spaces.

Why Choose Permatt for Your Used Forklift Needs?

Choosing Permatt for your used forklift needs means opting for reliability and quality. With a longstanding reputation for excellence and customer satisfaction, Permatt offers a diverse range of used and refurbished forklift trucks that have all been through rigorous testing and maintenance procedures. This ensures that all machines, like the one purchased by GB Roofing, are in optimal working condition, providing value and efficiency to your business operations.

For those interested in exploring the benefits of a refurbished forklift or other used trucks, visit our dedicated page on used and refurbished forklift sales. If you wish to talk to a friendly member of our team, please fill in the callback request form below and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible to discuss your requirements:

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