Permatt EP30 Electric Forklift on Delivery

Rapid Response Forklift Hire: Permatt Delivers on Demand

Permatt Fork Lift Trucks Ltd: Leading the Way in Rapid, Reliable Forklift Solutions

In a remarkable display of efficiency and customer service, Permatt Fork Lift Trucks Ltd has recently completed a logistical feat that sets a new benchmark in the material handling industry. Three new electric forklifts, models EP30 and EP20 from EP Equipment, were delivered to three different customers, all within an impressive seven-day timeframe from the initial order. This achievement not only underscores Permatt’s dedication to meeting client demands but also showcases the agility and preparedness that the company prides itself on.

Permatt EP30 Electric Forklift on Delivery

Meeting Diverse Material Handling Needs with EP Equipment

Permatt’s ability to quickly provide the EP30 and EP20 models to its customers demonstrates their commitment to a diverse and modern fleet. The EP30, known for its robust lifting capacity and endurance, was perfectly suited for a client requiring heavy-duty lifting power. Meanwhile, the more compact EP20 was the forklift of choice for two clients whose operations demanded agility and precision in tighter spaces.

Tailored Solutions and Swift Delivery: The Permatt Promise

Permatt Fork Lift Trucks Ltd understands that the needs of each customer are unique, requiring not just a one-size-fits-all approach but a tailored solution that can be quickly implemented. Each forklift was carefully selected to match the specific operational requirements of the clients, ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity upon delivery.

Exceptional Service: From Order to Operational in Just 7 Days

What truly distinguishes Permatt in the material handling sector is not just the speed of delivery but the complete service package that accompanies every rental. The company ensures that every forklift is not just delivered but also fully operational, with all safety checks completed, and the staff fully trained to handle the new equipment—often all within seven days.

Permatt’s Commitment: Ensuring Seamless Integration Beyond Delivery

The commitment to service excellence doesn’t stop at the point of delivery. Permatt ensures that each client is fully supported throughout the rental period, providing comprehensive forklift training, maintenance support, and responsive customer service to address any and all operational needs.

The Future of Forklift Hire: Permatt Leads with Speed and Reliability

The rapid delivery of these EP Equipment forklifts is a testament to Permatt’s position as a leading provider of forklift hire solutions. By continuously updating their fleet with the latest and most efficient models, and maintaining an unwavering commitment to swift and comprehensive service, Permatt Fork Lift Trucks Ltd not only meets customer expectations but consistently exceeds them.

The recent achievements of Permatt Fork Lift Trucks Ltd stand as a testament to what can be accomplished in the hire industry with the right approach and dedication. Their ability to deliver high-quality, specialized machinery swiftly and efficiently is a clear demonstration of their commitment to service excellence. This ensures that clients’ operations are supported and can continue to run smoothly and without interruption, reinforcing Permatt’s reputation as a leader in the field.

Fast Forklift Hire Permatt EP30 Electric Forklift
Fast Forklift Hire Permatt EP30 Electric Forklift
New EP20 Electric Forklift Ready for Action
New EP20 Electric Forklift Ready for Action
New EP30 Electric Forklift in operation on the factory floor
New EP20 Electric Forklift in operation on the factory floor


What our customers say:

Average Rating: 5 based on 1 reviews

5 / 5 stars

We at Tofco Ltd decided we wanted to move away from our current gas fork truck as it was aging and starting to become problematic so to improve reliability and reduce our maintenance costs as well as improving our environmental aspect around the warehouse, we decided to explore the option of an electric fork truck.

Dan from Permatt was contacted to visit our factory to see our operation and make a suitable proposal. A few days later we were invited to a demo to test drive the EP 303 electric Fork truck , we were very impressed with the truck and the package offered so the next day we placed an order to hire long-term the EP 303 fork truck.

The fork truck was delivered within a week of the order being placed, we are so pleased with the features and benefits of our new fork truck not mention the noise reduction in the warehouse.

The service from Dan and Permatt was first class I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is looking to either hire or purchase a new fork truck.

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