The Importance of Forklift Truck Training

Before you buy forklift it is essential that you have the correct training and know how to operate the machinery safety. In order to ensure the health and safety of those operating forklift machinery, forklift truck training is imperative! Here at Permatt, we value our customers health and safety, hence why we have developed a comprehensive forklift truck training course to ensure that operators of forklifts comply with safe working practices. In this informative article we will discuss our training course and also the importance of such businesses dependent on the safe operation of forklift machinery…

Why is forklift training so important?

With so many businesses using forklift trucks, and the accident levels rising, forklift truck training is essential. Forklifts are essential tools in the modern economy – they allow for the easy movement and storage of materials and products. Therefore, they can be the most valuable piece of equipment in the working area. However, this valuable tool can also be dangerous and cause fatal accidents to both the user and bystanders. Forklift accidents can result in loss of life, injuries and damage to property. These accidents typically occur due to the driver’s error and so it is necessary that greater emphasis is placed on forklift truck training to reduce such mishaps.

It’s the law!

Forklifts can be one of the most dangerous pieces of workplace equipment! What’s more, under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 it’s the law to ensure all staff members have completed full forklift training before operating one. Training is also required under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, which works to ensure employees are safe at work. Although it is not a part of the law to ensure all staff receive refresher training, it is a requirement that employees should be monitored and assessed regularly to see whether refresher training would be beneficial to them. Also, if you employ new staff, they should still be trained with your forklifts even if they’ve been trained in a previous workplace! Henceforth, why forklift truck training is so important!

Permatt Forklift Truck Training Newcastle

Operator Training is essential to comply with safe working practices and to make the most of your forklift truck. Permatt are able to deliver complete training programmes to ensure that your drivers comply with the latest legislative requirements. For Counterbalance trucks we provide a full novice course, a refresher course for those out with their yearly refresher, and a 1 day refresher course to keep the regular users in date. The courses are specialist and for that reason have a maximum of 3 trainees per course.

We can also provide a number of health and safety training courses, including Working at Height. The forklift training courses are accredited R.T.I.T.B. and recognised as the official training required for forklift truck operation. Courses can be carried out at our Permatt depot in Killingworth or onsite at your premises if the appropriate equipment is available.

If you are interested in our forklift truck training contact us today for further information or to book a course call 0191 216 5320.

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