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Permatt Forklift Trucks Ltd Enhances Operational Fleet in Ashington

Innovative Forklift Solutions Boost Productivity for Ashington Business

Forklift Hire

Enhanced Material Handling Capabilities

Permatt Forklift Trucks Ltd has reinforced a prominent Ashington enterprise’s material handling capabilities with a delivery of specialised 2.5-ton forklift trucks. These vehicles, featuring container spec 4700mm masts and equipped with side shifts, are ideally suited to the complexities of contemporary logistics and storage tasks.

Customisation and Technical Precision

This strategic augmentation of the customer’s fleet signifies their confidence in Permatt’s forklift solutions, which have evidently met and exceeded operational demands. Customisation remains a key focus, as evidenced by the integration of after-market cabs from BMB Canopies, precisely fitted by Permatt’s adept technical staff.

Financial Agility and Asset Management

Opting for a long-term lease arrangement, the customer has balanced asset flexibility with capital preservation, a reflection of modern financial acumen in asset management. Yet, their decision to purchase two forklifts outright further underscores the trust in the durability and performance of Permatt’s machinery.

Ongoing Support and Growth

Permatt continues to distinguish itself as a frontrunner in the material handling industry, offering bespoke and high-performance solutions. Their commitment to service excellence and adaptability ensures they are a significant ally to businesses aiming to scale operations in the Ashington region and beyond.

For those interested in enhancing their operational capacity with Permatt’s range of forklift trucks, please get in touch for more information on hiring or purchasing options.

As Permatt Forklift Trucks Ltd continues to provide unparalleled material handling solutions, their commitment to blending innovative technology with client-centric services shines through. These forklift deliveries in Ashington exemplify their promise to enhance efficiency and meet the bespoke needs of each business they partner with. Permatt’s robust support and flexible procurement options, including hire and purchase, ensure they remain at the forefront of facilitating industrial progress. For more details on their services, visit Permatt Forklift Trucks Ltd.

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