Permatt Adds Four New CAT Electric Forklifts to its Fleet

CAT Electric forklift fleet

Permatt Expands Fleet with Energy-Efficient CAT Electric Forklifts

Permatt, a leading provider of material handling equipment and solutions, has recently expanded its forklift fleet with the addition of four new CAT 3-ton electric forklifts. These state-of-the-art machines will replace diesel trucks and be deployed on a long-term leasing agreement with an engineering company located in Cramlington.

The decision to invest in electric forklifts aligns with Permatt’s commitment to offering eco-friendly and energy-efficient material handling solutions to its clients. These electric models not only deliver reliable performance but also significantly reduce the environmental impact associated with traditional diesel-powered equipment.

Powering Productivity with Eco-Friendly Forklift Solutions

“As businesses become increasingly conscious of their carbon footprint, we recognise the growing demand for sustainable material handling options,” – Dan P, Company Director at Permatt: “By incorporating these advanced CAT electric forklifts into our fleet, we are able to provide our customers with a more environmentally responsible alternative without compromising on productivity or operational efficiency.”

The four new CAT electric forklifts boast a compact and manoeuvrable design, allowing them to navigate tight spaces with ease. Additionally, their zero-emission operation contributes to a cleaner, healthier work environment for operators and surrounding personnel. With a lift capacity of 3 tons, these machines are well-suited to handle a variety of material handling tasks, from loading and unloading to internal transport and storage.

CAT Electric Forklifts hire
CAT Electric Forklifts: Advanced green AC power which gives greater performance

Leasing Customised Forklift Fleets for Businesses in Cramlington

Permatt’s long-term leasing agreement with the Cramlington-based engineering company ensures that the client can access the latest and most advanced forklift technology without the burden of ownership.

This customised solution includes comprehensive forklift maintenance and servicing, providing the customer with peace of mind and ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

By minimising downtime through proactive maintenance, Permatt enables the engineering company to maintain the efficiency and productivity of its material handling operations.


Cat Lift TrucksCAT Electric Forklifts: Reliable Performance, Reduced Environmental Impact

Permatt’s investment in CAT electric forklifts demonstrates its commitment to providing its customers with cutting-edge material handling solutions that prioritise environmental responsibility and operational excellence. As businesses continue to seek ways to reduce their carbon footprint, Permatt’s innovative approach to forklift leasing is poised to shape the future of sustainable material handling.

Upgrade to Sustainable Material Handling with CAT Electric Forklifts

If your business is seeking to upgrade to more sustainable and energy-efficient material handling equipment, Permatt’s CAT electric forklifts may be the perfect solution. To learn more about our leasing options and how these advanced machines can benefit your operations, we encourage you to get in touch with our team today. Our experts will work closely with you to understand your unique requirements and craft a customised forklift leasing plan that aligns with your environmental and operational goals. Contact Permatt now to take the first step towards powering your business with the reliability and eco-friendliness of electric forklifts.

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