Lithium Battery Forklift

Permatt’s New Lithium Battery Forklifts with Safety Lighting for Bedlington Business

Advanced Lithium Battery Forklifts Enhance Bedlington Operations

Permatt Fork Lift Trucks Ltd proudly announces the delivery of two state-of-the-art EP forklifts, complete with high-performance lithium batteries, to a valued customer in Bedlington. This marks the commencement of a new 5-year lease agreement, underscoring our commitment to providing long-term, reliable solutions to our clients.

Lithium Battery ForkliftThe Future of Material Handling: Lithium Battery Power

The introduction of lithium battery technology in forklifts has revolutionised the material handling industry. These batteries offer numerous advantages over traditional lead-acid counterparts, including longer life spans, reduced maintenance needs, and faster charging times. By choosing lithium battery forklifts, our Bedlington customer has taken a significant step towards increasing operational efficiency and sustainability.

Tailored Lithium Battery Forklifts with Advanced Safety Features

Reflecting our dedication to fulfilling our client’s unique requirements, the smaller of the two forklifts boasts not only a factory-modified lower overhead guard tailored to specific operational needs but also a custom cab from BMB Industrial Cabs. This bespoke cab is designed to enhance driver comfort and safety, demonstrating our commitment to providing personalised solutions. The larger forklift, while standard in its cab design, also meets the high standards of quality and reliability that our customers have come to expect from Permatt.

Safety as a Priority: Red Zone Lighting

Safety in the workplace is paramount. That’s why these EP forklifts are fitted with red zone safety lighting. This innovative feature projects a bright red light around the forklift, warning pedestrians of the vehicle’s presence and creating a safe working environment for everyone on the floor.

Red Zone Lighting

Lithium Battery Forklifts: Powering Bedlington’s Industrial Progress

At Permatt, our service goes beyond the mere delivery of machinery. By providing these advanced lithium battery-powered forklifts, our customer is not just receiving state-of-the-art equipment; they are gaining a strategic advantage with machines that promise efficiency, reduced environmental impact, and a new level of operational agility.

The use of lithium battery technology in these forklifts marks a significant leap forward. Customers can expect a robust performance, with faster charging cycles and longer battery life compared to traditional alternatives, which translates to minimal downtime and maximised productivity. These are not just logistical tools; they are assets that propel businesses forward in a competitive market.

With the assurance of a 5-year lease term, our Bedlington customer is equipped with long-term stability. This extended period reflects our confidence in the reliability and performance of our forklifts. It also gives the customer peace of mind, knowing they can count on the constant support and service excellence that Permatt is renowned for.

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Advanced Lithium Battery Forklift

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