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The Importance Of Forklift Examination

A forklift examination is essential for any business that operates forklift machinery. Every employer has the responsibility to ensure the equipment operating within their business is safe for both the operators and anyone nearby. There are a number of safety precautions that can be taken to contribute to a safer working environment, such as risk assessments, ongoing operator monitoring and ensuring that any incidents are recorded, and so on. However there is one precaution that is extremely important, and that’s carrying out daily forklift safety checks. Alongside these, at least once a year it’s required that forklifts undergo a mandatory thorough forklift examination.

A well maintained forklift is essential to any business, and neglecting to do so can have dire consequences.

What Is a Forklift Examination?

OSHA requires all forklifts to be inspected at least once daily before operators begin work.

Daily forklift checks are essential to ensure the vehicle is in safe operating condition, as if these inspections are not carried out correctly it increases the risk  of accidents, injury, or even death.

On top of pre-shift examinations, there is also a legal requirement to carry out a Thorough Forklift Examination. This is similar to an MOT test for motor vehicles, and is to ensure that the forklift is in safe and productive condition. A Thorough Forklift Examination should be carried out by a competent person at least once a year.

Daily Forklift Truck Examinations

Forklifts, although an essential piece of equipment to many businesses, can also be very dangerous. That’s why operators are required to carry out forklift examinations prior to their shift, to check if the forklift is in suitable working condition. The checks also identify any minor faults, and by doing so will help to avoid major issues developing that lead to costly repairs.

There are a number of things they look out for, and in order for them to be competent enough to carry out these daily checks, operators must undergo training. At the beginning of a shift, or just prior to use, the operator must perform two checks, the visual check and the operational check:

Visual Check

When carrying out the visual check the operator must inspect a number of aspects of the truck including the general condition and cleanliness, wheels and tires, battery and the position of the forks.

Operational Check

The operational check is carried out to prevent mechanical or operational failures. Checking both the foot brake and parking brake, steering, and lift mechanism are just a few of the many things that need to be examined from an operational view point.

The pre-shift inspection should only take a few minutes, but forklift operators must know how to check the general working parts of the forklift truck for any signs of wear or damage. This requires operators to undergo proper training.

Stressing the importance of proper pre-shift inspections is essential when it comes to keeping your employees safer and your business OSHA-compliant. Permatt are able to offer full  complete training programmes to ensure that your drivers can carry out their responsibilities safely and efficiently, whilst complying with the latest legislative requirements

Thorough Forklift Examinations

Although daily forklift inspections are essential, it’s also required that a more indepth and detailed inspection is carried out every 4, 6 to 12 months under the Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER98) and the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER98).

The thorough examination is similar to the MOT test for motor vehicles and must be performed by a competent and qualified company. The check examines the forklift truck equipment including the safety-critical parts which is carried out at specific intervals. The process consists of a visual examination and functional checks, measurements of wear, and in some cases traditional NDT and load testing.

The findings will then be put into a full written report of the forklift examination, which will go into detail about the overall ‘health’ of the truck, along with the date of the examination, the date of the next examination, and any issues that were identified that could prove hazardous. A Thorough Examination should be carried out by a competent and qualified person. Permatt are accredited by the Forklift Truck Association; this enables us to carry out the required tests with our experienced and qualified engineers.

Stay safe on the job with Permatt!

Forklift regulations are in place to help make sure that daily operations are carried out in the safest and most efficient way possible for everyone. Whether you require training, a thorough examination or are in the need of a new forklift, Permatt are on hand to help.

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