Why Should I Choose a CAT Forklift Truck?

CAT Lift Trucks are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of forklift trucks and material handling equipment. With a total of over 80 years of experience working within the material handling industry, their range of equipment has been developed to be robust, efficient and built to enhance your performance of a job. 

Here at Permatt, we hold a vast range of CAT stock, whether it be brand new forklift trucks, used models, or available to hire and we believe in the quality of the equipment being well worth the investment for your warehouse or workplace! But besides the actual forklift truck itself, why else should you invest in CAT material handling equipment? Let us tell you today…

Why Should I Choose A CAT Forklift Truck?

Experienced Manufactures

As we previously mentioned, CAT forklift trucks and material handling equipment has been around for over 80 years now, therefore the company is well experienced and well averse to designing, manufacturing and operating machinery and equipment that is worth the investment for any business owner, with the guarantee of providing maximum safe productivity to a workforce. 

Quality Service Programmes

Although CAT forklift trucks and material handling are known for being durable, robust and reliable machinery, from time to time it is always beneficial to perform a service on the operations to ensure that everything is ticking by as it should be and that your workforce is continuously safe while working with the equipment. With warranties in place on CAT machinery, it simply provides peace of mind to any investor or business owner when purchasing their forklift truck! With CAT equipment, you are guaranteed excellent customer service and product support from industry experts, which can include a Planned Maintenance and Total Maintenance and Repair programme

In addition to CAT Service Programmes, here at Permatt, as the North East’s leading forklift truck supplier, we can offer our outstanding Maintenance services to your workplace for when you purchase or hire a piece of material handling equipment from us. We will ensure that your equipment abides by industry safety laws, based on Servicing Programmes from: 

  • Three months
  • Six months
  • Annually 

This can depend on the usage of the truck itself, and it is a simple procedure taking little to no time – not to mention providing ultra-convenience as our team can come to your workplace to carry out the inspection! We can also supply your business with the use of a replacement truck in the event of extra care needed to be undertaken on your machinery, meaning that your business will lose no time nor money throughout the process. And that’s a Permatt guarantee! 

Parts Availability

There can be nothing more inconvenient than when an issue arises with your forklift truck, and it looks like it may take a while for the specific part you need to come back into stock, or for you to get your hands on, would you agree? Well, one of the greatest benefits with CAT equipment is the great availability that you have for managing to secure the parts you need, with 97% of forklift parts being readily available. With this, you have the CAT guarantee that your dealer can be supplied with the right equipment and extra parts for when you need them. 

Worldwide Dealer

With CAT supplying the demands of material handling equipment to countries worldwide, they have the flexibility to offer a tailored product to meet demand and purpose. Combining international contacts with global resources you are offered high-class equipment every time. 

Award-Winning Equipment

CAT forklift trucks have been recognised by multiple industry awards over the years, including the recent Red Dot Design Award this year, for this particular electric counterbalance model.

One thing is for certain when it comes to CAT forklift trucks and material handling equipment, that the quality and manufacturing of the machinery will always be top class and last you years of hard work, making it a valuable investment to your business. 

Why Choose Permatt? 

Here at Permatt, since establishing in 1981, we have grown into one of the largest material handling suppliers in the UK. We can provide your business with a wide range of CAT Lift Trucks, whether it be a Diesel, LPG or Electric Forklift model you are in the market for, we can help you find the correct truck to meet your needs! 

In addition to choosing Permatt for your purchase or hire of CAT Forklift Equipment, we can also offer your business additional support with our services in: 

Forklift Training in Newcastle

Our training programme is in place to ensure that your drivers are complying with the latest legislative requirements. Under no circumstance should anyone ever operate a heavy-duty machine handling piece of equipment without the essential training beforehand! Not to mention the number of dangers that you could cause to yourself, but also the risks and danger you could impose on the rest of your workforce if something were to go wrong. So whether you have never had forklift training before, or you would like to refresh your memory (which we do highly advise all of our customers do so!) then please don’t hesitate to get on the phone and give us a ring to book your training with our team today! It is our job to ensure that you fully understand the equipment you possess, and the best practises for the ultimate longevity of your machine. 

Forklift Truck Examination

The new national Thorough Examination is a legal requirement in place to ensure that every forklift truck is working in a safe and productive condition. Think of it like an MOT test for your car, van or motorbike – it must be performed by a knowledgeable professional, and done so every twelve months. Here at Permatt, we are accredited by the forklift truck Association enabling us to carry out the required tests with our experienced and qualified engineers. 


We can also supply your business with spares such as batteries, forks and chains to name a few, to keep your business running! Our team here at Permatt can also offer same-day delivery, and fit them for you if you require the assistance. 

Contact Permatt

To discuss our CAT forklift truck stock here at Permatt, or to discuss any of our alternative services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today! Give us a call on 0191 216 5320 or email us at enquiries@permatt.co.uk. We look forward to hearing from you!

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