Cat Lift Trucks

Cat lift trucks have been manufacturing their warehouse machinery for over 60 years. Therefore their trucks are getting more and more technically advanced and powerful. Managing to keep up with the ever-changing needs of the industries and so have progressed to different techniques. For example, their electric-powered forklift trucks are built environmentally friendly and quiet for those which need to be used inside and a quieter environment.

Cat lift trucks provide quality with durability, being able to meet the demand of the different industries which they are required for. Their truck loading capacity ranges from 1.0 to 16.0 tonnes.

Cat lift truck dealer

Here at Permatt we provide a wide range of Cat lift trucks, including reach trucks, pallet trucks, tow tractors and many more. Whether it is diesel, LPG or electric forklifts, here at Permatt we will be able to help you find the correct truck for your needs.

Permatt has been established since 1981 and has grown into one of the largest independent material suppliers in the UK. Permatt doesn’t only sell forklift trucks, but also provide services such as maintenance, training, examinations, breakdown cover and offer spare parts.

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Why Cat lift trucks are better than the others

Cat lift trucks provide a high level of performance. Their lift trucks provide different uses to help you use your truck to its full potential. Choosing the right lift truck for your needs helps you to improve your organisation’s effectiveness and gets the job done.

Cat Forklift indoors

Cat Forklift trucks in the range

Here at Permatt we provide both new and used forklift trucks, whether you are looking for diesel, gas or electric powered forklifts, we provide them with all. We range from trucks which hold a capacity of 1.0-16.0 tonnes, therefore being able to deal with your every need.

Counterbalance forklift trucks for material handling

Cat Lift trucks produce some of the world’s market-leading forklift trucks, they have developed a range of products with different engine types and features.

The Cat Lift truck range allows Permatt to sell and hire some of the best forklifts for every material handling jobs. Cat Lift truck has pushed the industry forward with safety innovations such as PDS (Presence Detection System) which gives their trucks the advantage over its competitors as well as allowing you to get the job done faster.

Cat Lift truck made three different types of forklift trucks: electric, LPG and Diesel. All of their counterbalance trucks are designed to be used in different environments and situations such as in a storage warehouse or distribution centre.

Engine powered counterbalance forklift trucks

Cat Lift diesel lift truck models are composed and worked for reliable execution in any application and have the ability to adapt to the test of outdoor conditions and requesting obligation cycles. Then again, their LPG forklift trucks are sufficiently adaptable for both inside and outside use, as the LPG offers an alluring contrasting option to customary diesel, giving force and torque negligible emanations and incredible mileage.

Electric Cat Forklift

Whatever materials taking care of errand you require satisfying, Cat Lift Trucks offers you a standout amongst the most tried, true and finish electric offset forklift truck goes in the business. Our electric pneumatic and pad tire lift trucks convey controllable, programmable execution for the sheltered treatment of various loads, for example, glass, blocks, plastics and so on. The propelled clean green AC control, gives you more prominent execution, longer move cycles and more straightforward support, especially helpful in heavier applications, all the more requesting conditions and high temperatures.

We have a whole range of trucks ranging from counterbalance forklift trucks, pallet trucks, stackers reach trucks and order pickers. Therefore whatever you require we will be able to help you pick the right truck for your needs. Click here to take a look at our Cat lift truck hire service.

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