Buying a new forklift – the safety rules

Buying a new forklift truck can be an exciting time, yet you need to make sure you are safe and understand how to operate it first. So to help you out, we have 5 operating tips to help keep safe and abide by the right rules and regulations.

#1 Take your forklift test

When buying a new forklift, you must make sure you are qualified to use it. Training is essential and you need to make sure you have the correct licence to operate it. Here at Permatt, we are able to give you complete training programmes to ensure you comply with the correct rules and regulations. We provide full novice programmes and also a refresher programme for those who have previously taken their training.

#2 Time for some new clothes?

Buying a new forklift means buying new clothes. Make sure you wear the correct safety work wear. Consisting of a hard hat, hi-visibility jacket, safety boots, and any other items of clothing you are required to wear by your work.

#3 No speeding

Don’t exceed the speed limit. Never exceed the speed limit, this is for both your safety and the safety of others around you. Make sure you go round corners slowly, to minimise the risk of tipping items which are loaded on the forklift.

#4 Load safe not smart

Do not try and save yourself that extra 5 minutes by doing one less trip and overloading your forklift. Make sure your load is clear off the ground, but not raised while driving and you are able to have a clear sight. By overloading, it could cause serious harm to you or others around you. Overloading could make the truck tip over or the cargo to fall off the forks.

#5 Drive safely on ramps

When driving on ramps make sure you move forward while going up them and reverse while going down them, this is especially important while carrying loads. Make sure you do not load or unload goods whilst driving on the ramp as this is very dangerous.

Buying a new forklift is exciting, take a look at our full range of new forklifts to buy.

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