The benefits of purchasing CAT forklift equipment

Here at Permatt, we sell a large range of CAT forklift equipment to suit all your access needs!

About CAT forklift trucks

Cat Lift Trucks are one of the leading manufacturers of forklift equipment and with over 80 years’ experience in the industry they have developed a range reliable equipment to service a range of access needs. Their trucks are innovative and technically advanced, producing a robust and efficient forklift truck for you. The company has worked hard to keep up with the ever-changing needs of the industries it serves and have therefore progressed to creating a diverse range of equipment to service an array of requirements. No matter your warehousing needs, their product range is guaranteed to have something for you!

Permatt – CAT Supplier

Cat forklift trucks are supported by a worldwide network of dealers and we are one of them! Here at Permatt we carry a wide range of Cat lift trucks for you to purchase, from reach trucks, to pallet trucks and much more. Our range includes diesel powered forklift trucks, as well as LPG and electric powered models ensuring we have the perfect truck for your needs. Our range of trucks hold a capacity of 1.0-16.0 tonnes, therefore being able to deal with your every need. We will help your warehouse operatives complete their duties in the most efficient and safe way possible!

Permatt has been established since 1981 and has grown into one of the largest independent material suppliers in the UK. Don’t think that it stops at Cat forklift trucks, we also provide services such as maintenance, training, examinations, breakdown cover and offer spare parts.

Why choose CAT?


Cat lift trucks promise quality and durability and are therefore able to meet the demands of a range of different industries they are required for.


Cat lift trucks provide a high level of performance. Their lift trucks provide different uses to help you use your truck to its full potential. Choosing the right lift truck for your needs helps you to improve your organisation’s effectiveness and gets the job done.


On the Cat website they promise high social environmental and ethical standards when using their products. For instance, their electric-powered forklift trucks are built environmentally friendly and quiet for those which need to be used inside and a quieter environment.

What industries use CAT forklift equipment?

Cat lift equipment can be utilised for a variety of industries and here at Permatt, we carry a variety of models to service whatever your businesses criteria may be.  Cat lift equipment can be used in industries such as commercial and retail, demolition, entertainment, construction and much more.

Purchasing a CAT forklift

If you are seeking a solution for your business our Permatt fleet has a variety of Cat forklift models to help you achieve maximum productivity. If you are interested in any of our Cat equipment, please do not hesitate to give us a call today on 0191 216 5320.

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