The benefits of hiring JLG lift equipment

Hire JLG lift equipment – well-maintained and reliable!

Here at Permatt, we offer the hire of a large range of well-maintained and reliable equipment to suit all your access needs – including JLG lift equipment!

About JLG

After starting out in 1969 with a small team of 20, JLG has grown to become one of the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of access equipment and lift equipment. Using the latest lift technology and energy-efficient solutions JLG’s machine have been designed to safely and quickly lift workers into the air to perform construction and maintenance functions to improve performance, productivity, and ensure uptime. JLG really do take you to new heights.

JLG Lift Equipment

What industries use JLG lift equipment?

JLG lift equipment can be utilised for a variety of industries and here at Permatt, we carry a variety of models to service whatever your businesses criteria may be. From JLG engine powered boom lifts, to vertical lifts and telehandlers our full range offers equipment accessories to meet your needs. JLG lift equipment can be used in industries such as…

Commercial and Retail

Whether you are managing product on a retail floor or warehouse, or carry out facility maintenance in a hotel building, office block, stadium or arena JLG offers top quality equipment to assist you in these needs. Within the Permatt range, the JLG vertical lifts and stock pickers are perfect for commercial and retail industries due to their compact and lightweight design.


Permatt carry both the JLG telehandler and electric and hybrid boom lift models that are perfect for demolition work. JLG telehandlers can be used with forks with bridge removal/reconditioning applications, in building demolition with grapple buckets to remove material and on steel structure demolition projects with a fork mounted hook.


Within the entertainment industry, JLG scissor lifts and boom lifts can be extremely applicable to assist stage set up for performances. The versatile design of these JLG models makes them ideal for concert arenas, movie sets, sporting events, festival, theme parks and so forth. Permatt carry both of these models, so let us help you put on a good show!


Be it general construction or heavy duty building works, JLG lift equipment is a key supplier to lookfor building equipment on construction sites. JLG equipment is used to lift operators, their tools and supplies, and materials to the work area. Typical users include electrical contractors, mechanical contractors, HVAC contractors, steel erectors and glazing contractors. For more heavy construction JLG heavy-duty applications are a reliable tool for a range of projects.


As environmental concerns become a mounting priority in our modern age, it is also positive to note the JLG is pioneering the production of environmentally friendly lift and access equipment. They work hard to develop green solutions and become as sustainable as possible in their operation. There is therefore endless benefit in using a brand that is committed to making innovative products that meet our customers’ needs for energy-efficient solutions and reduce the impact on the environment.

This is only a selection of industries that JLG lift equipment services, and whether your work in agriculture, mining, energy and so on they provide a product that is adaptable to your needs.

Hiring a JLG lift

If you are seeking a solution for your business or an upcoming product our Permatt fleet has a variety of JLG models to help you achieve maximum productivity. If you are interested in any of our JLG equipment, please do not hesitate to give us a call today on 0191 216 5320.

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