Would you benefit from hiring a KoneCranes Lift Truck?

KoneCranes – the world’s leading heavy-duty lift truck provider

Here at Permatt, we offer the hire of KoneCranes! Konecranes forklift trucks get the jobs done efficiently and also as cost-effective as possible. Each KoneCrane truck is adapted so that they can carry out the heavy duty tasks that await. KoneCrane trucks are built to withstand the harshest industrial working conditions and are very adaptable to specialised material handling.


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What industries use KoneCrane trucks?

KoneCrane trucks are used in a variety of different sectors, the brand is constantly developing their truck fleet to accommodate for new challenges business’ may face.


Automotive Industry

Konecrane lift trucks help major car manufacturers around the world in order to maintain their demanding and fast-paced production schedules. Konecranes provides trucks for the whole process of building a car and trucks from start to finish.


Container Handling

Providing the best container handling equipment is one of Konecranes biggest aims. Konecrane trucks provide a reliable service for the container handling industry – with evolving trucks to suit the ever-evolving industry, Konecrane aims to suit the needs of their customers business.


General Manufacturing

Konecrane life trucks are ideal for general manufacturing needs. If your business needs handling equipment for the warehouse then konecranes could be the solution for you.


Hiring a forklift truck

Do you own a warehouse operations based business? Hiring a forklift truck may be the next solution for your business. Here at Permatt, we have a range of used forklift trucks to buy and also new forklift trucks to hire.


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