About Permatt

Permatt is based in the North East of England and Cumbria, and since the company’s establishment in 1981, the business has expanded to service the areas of Durham, Sunderland and Newcastle from our Killingworth head office, as well as Carlisle and Penrith from our depot in Cumbria.

We have a team of highly skilled, qualified Service Technicians with a customer dedicated attitude and the knowledge to repair, maintain and safety check/certificate any kind of Material Handling Equipment.

Our experienced Management and Administration team ensures that all work, including supply, servicing, training and FLT transport are carried out efficiently, correctly and to the total satisfaction of our customers.

Safety and compliance is one of our biggest priorities along with providing excellent quality forklifts and machinery, and we will meet your business’ needs with a tailor-made package to suit you. If you’re looking for reliable material handling solutions in Newcastle and other areas across the North East then don’t hesitate to contact us.

Permatt History

Permatt has continued to grow and provide customers with a continuously improving quality of service in all areas of the Material Handling Industry.

Permatt Forklift Trucks Ltd. came from small beginnings dealing with used forklift truck repairs and parts, and has developed into a major supplier for forklift trucks including CAT Lift Trucks across the North East of England and Cumbria.

Permatt Forklift Trucks Ltd was established in 1981 by my father, Ted Percy. He was the first forklift truck service engineer in the Northeast and had over 40 years’ experience in this field before his retirement in 1997.

We Are Permatt

The Permatt Forklift Trucks team recognises that every customer faces different challenges, and this is where our expertise lies. We provide reliable material handling solutions in Newcastle and across the North East, and will meet your business’ needs with a tailor-made package.

Award Winning Service

The award winning Permatt service and product range ensures that you are supplied with the correct equipment for your company needs first time round. We aim to improve production and shipping deadlines due to less downtime in your organisation.


Our flexible service will support you whether you’re looking to buy new or used equipment, hire machinery for a short or long term period or simply to choose a service partner who will become a trusted part of your operations. Our engineers can respond 24 hours a day, providing the very best technical advice.

Material Handling Solutions

Permatt supplies reliable and robust material handling solutions across the North East of England. Whether you’re looking for a new pallet truck, a gas-powered forklift truck or one of our pallet stackers – Permatt has got you covered! We are reliable and consistent in the products we deliver.


All of our forklift trucks improve overall workplace safety, reduce the risk of injuries and help boost productivity within your business atmosphere. We have designated Safety Officers regularly updating systems to ensure that we meet all regulations and guidelines provided by the Health & Safety Executive and the Forklift Truck Association.

Our Services

The Permatt services aim to provide you with the correct quality equipment for your company, with an award winning product range and excellent service support. They will provide you with the best technical, safety and operational advice from qualified professionals.
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Milo Access Platforms

Our sister company MILO can provide the Permatt customer base with brand new Access Platforms. We work with the most recognised brands so you can be sure the access platform equipment we provide is of the highest industry standards.
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